5 Ways To Improve The Audiovisual Installation In Your Conference Room

A conference room can be the heart and soul of an office. With many offices now interacting with both clients and employees out of office, conference rooms need to be well-appointed and technologically advanced. Unfortunately, fitting an old conference room for new technology can leave it a bit of a mess. Here are some tips for improvements.

1. Use Some Soundproofing

Most older conference rooms aren't properly designed for sound. Not only does that mean that outsiders can hear conversations (which is bad for security), but it also means that the conference room itself can sound echo-filled and cavernous to those listening on a phone or voice call. Soundproofing can be added to the walls (and even floors, in the form of carpet) to improve the general experience.

2. Hide the Wires

By using either wireless technology or by dropping cables through the walls, you can reduce the amount of wires in the office...and the amount of clutter. Not only does this make for a more elegant conference room (and a better impression on clients), but it reduces the chances cords could get tangled or snagged, which could lead to equipment failure.

3. Add a Repeater

Because many conference rooms are in the interior of an office, many of them don't have the best Wi-Fi signal. If you're experiencing dropped calls over VoIP or video lines, it's possible you need a Wi-Fi repeater or a wired connection. 

4. Get the Right Speakers and Microphones

The type of speakers and microphones needed for a conference is different from the type of speakers generally used for audiovisual work. For a conference, you usually want a telecom solution rather than an entertainment solution: in other words, a speaker on a phone, on the table. Otherwise, the person who is talking to you is going to hear their own voice repeating when they listen in to the conference. 

5. Invest in Technology

The hardware in an AV installation only goes so far when it comes to conferences. You also need the right technology. Newer video conferencing solutions make it easy to connect to people in high-resolution, with low-latency, making the conference far more natural.

Your audiovisual installation company can give you additional tips on modifying your space. Every conference room is designed differently, especially older conference rooms that were intended for in-person meetings more than remote conferencing. By tailoring your technology solutions to the room itself, you can get the perfect results.

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