3 Ideas To Keep In Mind When Using Engine Borescopes

If you operate in the aviation industry and need to be certain that you are keeping your vessels at their best, one of the best things you can do is invest in engine borescope services. With a borescope, aviation contractors will be able to see high quality imagery of areas of the plane's engine compartment they otherwise would not have had access to. In order to get the most out of your aircrafts with the use of an engine borescope, consider the tips below. 

#1: Find a borescope rental or purchase company and understand the benefits of using this equipment

If you need your aircraft to be in great condition, acquiring an engine borescope is the best thing you can do. When you have access to this imagery, your plane will remain in better condition through more diligent repairs.You'll be able to inspect the engine compartment, fuel lines, safety equipment, control systems, communication equipment and other aircraft components. The beauty of using a borescope is that it is straightforward and the equipment is very flexible. You should have no problem utilizing the borescope and taking part in high quality inspections and repairs for your aircraft.

#2: Make the best use of the engine borescope

Any time you have access to an engine borescope, you need to make sure that it is used properly. This applies whether it is one of your technicians who will be handling the inspection or a third-party mechanic. Before utilizing the borescope, run a thorough inspection of your engine compartment, checking for loose nuts and bolts and making sure that your entire work area is situated. Be sure that you are satisfying the requirements of your particular airframe so that the borescope can give you accurate results.

#3: Get engine borescope repair service

Because engine borescopes are high-tech pieces of equipment, you always need to make sure that you are keeping them well repaired and maintained. Bring in a technician that specializes in handling these repairs. Many borescope repair professionals will be happy to sell you a maintenance plan, which gives you access to a highly tuned engine borescope every time you decide to use it. If you are renting the engine borescope rather than buying it, make sure that maintenance is included in the contract.

Take advantage of the tips in this article so that you can use the engine borescope to your liking and for the betterment of your aircraft.

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